UV Monitoring

Take the guesswork out of peptide synthesis!

uv_monitor.pngUV Monitoring Accessory for use with CEM Liberty and Liberty1 Microwave Peptide Synthesizers

Maximize your peptide quality while increasing your synthesis efficiency!
The UV Monitoring System works in concert with your Liberty or Liberty1 Microwave Peptide Synthesizer to monitor the deprotection reaction and adjust the deprotection and coupling conditions in difficult regions of the peptide. Eliminate guesswork and improve the quality of your synthesis, while reducing cycle times and reagent usage.  CEM’s groundbreaking microwave peptide synthesis technology and UV Monitoring System are an unbeatable combination for faster synthesis of the highest quality peptides.

  • Field upgradable for existing customers
  • Features plug and play technology
  • Small and compact unit
  • Easy to use software interface
  • Generates detailed UV data
  • Compatible with both Liberty and Liberty1 systems
  • Makes synthesizing difficult peptides easier

Figure 1

The synthesis of the ectodomain of the influenza type A virus matrix protein 2 (M2e) under standard microwave conditions generated only the Met deletion product as shown in Figure 1 above; however, using the UV Monitoring option with feedback control extended the deprotection of the Ser residue and double coupled the Met resulting in the desired peptide (Figure2).

Figure 2